December 5, 2019
Dear friends,

Here at the Bible Society, our goal is to ensure that the Scriptures we are distributing are actually being used and studied. One very exciting and successful partnership has been with the St. Timothy Center for Inductive Bible Study in the Coptic Orthodox Church.  For the past two years we have provided the infrastructure support to enable these gifted lay-leaders provide training for potential leaders of small group Bible studies in churches all across the country.
Over 2,500 people, mostly young adults, have participated in the past few years (including 80 priests).  The aim is to equip people with the tools and the confidence to study the Bible in depth, make personal application, and to lead others in the same, building up Christians in their faith and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. 
It’s hard to capture the excitement and motivation we see in the participants.  Mature Christians who have been studying the Bible, teaching and leading groups for years, come away with a new passion, having been challenged by Christians who are learning and changing.  Juliana is a Sunday-School teacher and very active in her church.  She says, “It’s not just about learning more of these very helpful study principles, but there’s a real concern about how this will be applied practically, how will this change my daily life, my relationship with God and with people.”
This program, with its creative methods and training is making good use of our Study and Cross Reference Bibles which we provide free to participants. We also provide these same items at 75% discount to equip the new Bible Study groups that are established as a result of this training.
One nun shared, “I am in charge of a dorm for 65 girls who are boarding with me while they go to university.  They all have different schedules, and there’s a constant frustration of trying to get everyone together for a spiritual meeting.  But now I will create several small groups instead, and we will use these Bible Study methods.  I am so grateful for this training.”
The insight and inspiration from this practical training program results in a thirst and a commitment to regular Bible Study, leading to more effective ministry.  Many priests told us that they have been teaching the Scriptures for a long time, but they are excited to have gained new methods for communicating the Scriptures and making the message more understandable and practical. In this
2-minute clip from a Christian Satellite TV station, two pastors state how this program is impacting themselves and their congregations.
One young leader said, “This (inductive) method is very beneficial. The things I have learned have already affected my style as I lead our youth group. I am able to create discussion, and the students are more involved now that they are participating.”
This gathering also provides a wonderful opportunity to fellowship and network together for church leaders. These deepened relationships have been key for the Bible Society as well, providing invaluable connections and support when organizing and running all of our other Bible Engagement events and projects in their churches.
Churches are eager to embrace this program and the potential is limitless for groups to multiply throughout the nation. Please pray for wisdom for us as we receive many more requests from all over the country than we can fulfill.
If you are thinking about making a year-end gift to the Bible Society ministry, please consider this opportunity to deepen and strengthen the faith of your sisters and brothers in Egypt!
(Though anyone can use the “Donate” link below it provides income tax receipts only for USA. If you need a Canadian receipt and don’t know how to give, please contact
Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support for the Bible Work in Egypt!


Ramez Atallah
General Director
The Bible Society of Egypt

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